47 Charity’s mission is to support and advance the Association’s aims - passed down by the veterans themselves.

47 Charity helps foster the Royal Marines' 'esprit de corps' and maintains contact between past and present members as well as those who served in or alongside 47 Royal Marine Commando, their families and dependents.   It does this in particular but not exclusively by:

(1) Providing relief from conditions of poverty, need, hardship and distress, to all serving or former members of the Corps of Royal Marines, their families and dependents.

(2) Commemorating and remembering those members of 47 Royal Marine Commando and those who served with or alongside them, who have died while in the service of their country and to encourage public recognition of their sacrifice.

(3) Supporting the maintenance and dissemination of a history of the actions in which 47 Royal Marine Commando was involved including, from a medical standpoint, the effect, both physical and mental, of battle environment on those who as national duty undertook the risks of commando service and endured its sacrifices.

(4) Supporting the maintenance of any memorials to 47 Royal Marine Commando or those who served with or alongside them.

(5) Supporting the international banning of the laying of random and uncharted anti-personnel mines in a manner, which puts children at risk.


47 Charity trustees all give their time to the Charity on a voluntary basis. As well as their board responsibilities, the trustees also take on the executive functions of the Charity, as described below.

Patrick O’Connell, Chair
Patrick is Chairman of both 47 Charity and the 47 RMCA. Thanks to the Association, he befriended some of the men who had served in Heavy Weapons Troop alongside his father, Captain Guy O'Connell.  In his day job, Patrick can be heard broadcasting on Radio 2 and Radio 4 under his nickname Paddy O’Connell.

Bob Perry, Executive Secretary
Bob served for over 40 years in the Royal Marines retiring in 2017. He is trustee and Executive Secretary of the charity. Bob also oversees the provision and maintenance of memorials to commemorate the high achievement of 47 Royal Marine Commando and all those who made the supreme sacrifice in the Second World War.

Essie Cousins, Trustee
Essie is a trustee of the Charity. She is the niece of Captain Terence Cousins who was killed in action during the battle to liberate Port En Bessin.  Essie has enjoyed a successful career in book publishing and helps publish 47’s Medical Officer John Forfar’s book ‘From Omaha To The Scheldt’.  Essie regularly attends commemorative events in UK and France. 

Ken Cowdery, Trustee
Ken is a founding trustee of the charity and also a committee member of the Association.  He helps organise the annual D-Day anniversary pilgrimage ‘In the Footsteps of 47 Commando’ in Normandy.  Ken is a Chartered Surveyor by profession and has enjoyed a career in property development and consultancy.  

Lou Sartorel, Trustee 
Lou is a trustee of the charity.  He served ten years in the Royal Marines, leaving to become a Constable in the Thames Valley Police from which he is now retired.  Whilst  a constable, Lou became a Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer with the Royal Marines Cadets of the Sea Cadet Corps.  He also became a member and later a trustee of the Royal Marines Association (RMA).  Through the RMA he came into contact with 47 Royal Marines Commando Association with whom he has been an acitve member for many years.  Lou has provided tireless support to numerous 47 veterans and recently took on the role of Standard Bearer fo rthe Association.

Allen Withington, Treasurer
Allen is a trustee and treasurer of the charity.  He is the nephew of John Withington of ‘A’ Troop 47 RM Commando who was killed in action 7/6/1944 during the battle to liberate Port En Bessin.  Allen has been a supporter of the Association for many years.  Allen is an Accountant by profession and now runs his own industrial catering business.

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